what lies below

What is it about “down” that is so vital?  How come I have never come across a philosophy of down, of the ground or floor that supports?  Only in metaphor can I find these philosophies: in the form of spiritual guidances.   Continue reading “what lies below”


P1030217In an intellectual, reasoning way – I have come to wish to die.  What would come “after death” ?  I have no idea.  The question might be totally redundant.  After all, if I were to die (and I know I will eventually), wouldn’t there be no “after” for me?  Being dead and all.  This “after” would be experienced by the people alive after my death, after all. Continue reading “?suicide?”


Any starting choice for discussion of “invisible” could lead to an entire volume devoted to just one unfolding of the concept.  I prefer to limit myself to shorter explorations of several invisibilities, and (maybe to your frustration) wander through these forests, taking in more than one vista.


“Comfort”.  Comfort is invisible.  Yet no one can deny that “comfort” exists.  (Unless you want to begin a discussion about “existence,” which would be a different essay altogether.  Stay tuned.)  The power of “comfort” is undeniable.  How much would you or I sacrifice for a slice of comfort?  How many uncomfortable moments are endured for the sake of a deeper comfort?   Continue reading “comfort”

invisible things


Invisible things….
I will try my darndest to write many short “posts” about invisible things.

Invisible things fascinate me. They hold such power over the human experience, human actions and movements. What is invisible? Like, love-disdain-wifi-the future-arbitrary time markings-taste-fiction-smell-so on and so on.

What invisiblities keep recurring to daily change your actions and movements?