3d human


Humans are at least three dimensional. Add time, and four dimensional (at least).

“Forgiveness” is at heart an emotional act that unreasonably reframes the possibility of change judgement towards a transgressor.

The truly forgiving heart is not merely kind, but at heart, flexible.

Those being forgiven have a duty to show that they too are flexible.

Flexion only comes with regular stretching.

“I’m sorry” is a phrase spoken as apology or as sympathy to someone else. I like this dual usage, which when sincere indicates an emotion felt: in both cases, one of recognition of a sweeter brand of regret.

Life will have felt short when you are older.


a naiveté

My habit is to equate (sincere) friendliness with goodness. Intention with professionalism, and to a strong extent, friendliness with professionalism. The intention of good work as being an alchemy producing good work. This naiveté is always shocked into reality, but inevitably always I return to the Power of Good Intention.

ice-cream mornings

2016-05-22 06.59.00.jpgThe mornings bring with them a crispness like that of fresh ice-cream. There is a chilly purity in the transparency of the dark mornings–a darkness that will melt with the light and bringing a subtle softness that like ice cream, becomes the best time to experience. –Bite my lip in consternation–because like ice cream, that perfect consistency soon melts into shapelessness. The morning that brought that wonderful texture also brings with it the possibility of spoilt ice-cream. The flavor becomes overly sweet, sticky liquid on my fingers like my emotions gumming up the ability to move freely and with vitality. The day comes. All I want is night. All I want is sleep. All I want is another morning. I want it so much that if it were possible to go to bed at 12:30pm and sleep to the next morning darkness (around three-thirty am) I’d be on the pillow by 12:20.