2016-08-22 18.10.18.jpgEmotions I have. They seem to be like strong currents in a three dimensional scape, as graspable as wind, pulling hither, yon, sometimes convulsing into hurricanes of lethal gale perfectly capable of tearing, ripping. A heat from the south, or a sinewy sharp gust from above. Like a smart sailor there are times when I can deploy sheets to the wind and go far; but there are times when those sheets of self come twist and knot, or, to change metaphors, self becomes a fire either snuffed or powered by these air streams. Therefore certain siroccos can be accounted for and used or avoided by the study of the coming clouds. While a bit of predictive metrology is possible, emotions are invisible like wind and so never truly graspable. Emotions are to be felt, withstood. I can, I do, use them to steer and fuel my fire, to billow sails. Continue reading