In theory a great great achievement: to know oneself so well, so deeply that conscious awareness becomes redundant. To be so acquainted with one’s decision making trees and efforts that there is no need to refer to oneself anymore: knowing one’s weather forecast so well as to eliminate the need for self-reflection. To me, this situation might be the penultimate happiness. Consciousness that knows itself to the point of knowing its responses and actions in any situation, and thus overcomes reflective thought. In easy terms: what if you knew yourself so well that you didn’t need to think about your actions/thoughts anymore.

Related: Consciousness is a result of not knowing ourselves fully and deeply

It seems though a sort of deceptive freedom—

even is I am ‘simple,’ the world is not…’one would have to be a supercomputer, able to project into the future all possible reactions to all possible stimuli, since we can’t control other people.

yet the most important fact is that after such an extreme point of self-knowledge, one would loose “awareness of being”.  So from the outside it is a talking thinking human, there is nothing going on in that head autopilot.  Consciousness knows itself so well that it extinguishes itself.

So maybe that I “know I am in the world” is a symptom of the contingent (chancy) nature of being-in-this-world.

is that why I look forward to my night-dreams so much…?


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