icebubes, vapor, and water

How very arbitrary everything is. An attempt to make order of it all leads to the greatest acheivements of human beings, science, art, structure. Everything exists, as do I. And my continued existence is dependent on All That Is. If that All were not there, nor would I be. Be, that is. Is. The mathematical orbits of atomic particles echo the orbits of planets and galaxies. Difference returns to congruency, always and always. We humans are bound to time: flowing, flowing, always flowing. Continue reading “icebubes, vapor, and water”



Two dots. I reason that humans are able to perceive time because we are able to remember difference. That essentially, difference is dependent on memory to even be noticed. “When it was different,” as a means of cogitating the universe. But if one looks at these two dots . . one is able to perceive and remember difference without the aid of memory at all. The two dots are. Memory learning is needed for seeing and perceiving the difference between words and letters…but not for noticing these two dots : thence is a hole in my original idea.