god, or G-d, or not.

A god who had nothing to do with the creation or evil but make good the suffering.

One huge flaw with “God” as usually constructed by Christianity is that while a being of infinite capacity and creation, God seems to not really care so much about the suffering taking place in the world. In the pestilent and violent times in European history, the idea of heaven must have been very tempting, a place of final escape from this pell-mell world. So “life” becomes something lived for the purpose of the “next” life (if one is Good). The idea of a beneficent God who is also the “Creator” is an emotional paradox, for how could any beneficent being create so much manifest agony?

It would make more sense to detach this beneficent God from the Creator. In as much as I can choose a belief system, it is much more calming to believe in a God who does not contradict themselves or behave like a selfish father. To pray to a Spirit whose power might be limited (not being the Creator and all) but at least has an extended vocabulary of caring and empathy. In fact, as long as we’re making up a new spiritual system, mightn’t it be wise to construct a Being who cannot fit into any category at all (such as gender, moral stance, rules) and therefore be unable to be used as a judgement excuse?


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