Everything is different from Everything Else

2016-08-29-05-04-33a) In the empirical sense, Everything is different from Everything Else. Either in property or position or massive accumulation of differences.

b) Most entities as we conceive of them differ massively because of their apartness in time, space, and physical property.

c) The only consistencies here are the two abstracted entities of “existence” and “difference”.

d) But humans persist in assigning sameness to a variety of experiences that differ “massively”.

e) Naturally, because if everything different were always recognized as different, then no alphabet and no periodicy and no cognizance could sustain.

f) Then it is that the artificial (biological-made) structures of all life that do not suspend (difference), but rather equivalentasize (phenomena). Like the equivalencies of cells, which strictly speaking all differ massively in position and age, yet are equivalent enough to form living structure. These equivalencies are present at the cellular level, and are also present at the level where each “a” or “y” in these sentences is still coherent despite massive difference.

g) Even in the absence of life, the massive difference of matter is organized in equivalencies enough to form the Elements and continuing on to form life as well.

h) Aside from organized matter like atoms, galaxies, and life, what else could be formed from these equivalencies? Shouldn’t there be more categories of organized matter than merely “alive” and “not alive,” “formed” and “unformed”?

h.2) I do not mean chaos.

i) Though if chaos and organization are expressions of difference, differing only in the levels of equivalencies, then shouldn’t there be more than just these two expressions? If difference rules, then it is tempting to ask for more and more categories that differ!

j) It is the realm of the literally unimaginable that I would like to imagine.


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