I do long for the planes of her faces. They are so diagonal. And her skin is bronze and shiny. That place called the ‘philtrum’ has deep slanting grooves that contradict the gentle bow of their upper lips. The length of their shins and thighs seem to contradict the idea that we are primates.

And you…I would give you cat stokes. I would like to make love to you like we did. To make love to you…we made love fully dressed and zipperless.. acts of loving intensity, laughter, and subtle smiles or huge vunreable grins. To make love in this way is such a sensitive gift. I would give you cat strokes. I would make love to you.

And we would have tiny fights and little angers. And that is ok. Our eyes would drift, but if our lovemaking and cat stokes were deep enough, we would trust each other, and our roving eyes would be a happiness.

I hope you pull my hair as you did. And that you disagree with my opinions as you did.

Only please I have one heart-request. If you betray me with your emotions, do it gently. If these feelings are not mutual, it is ok. It is ok. Let me know gently. Because I wish you only peace and thriving vitality.


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