Paintings by K

424539_3223723603864_1000062381_nEmotions recall colours. Colours recall emotions. Look left and look right and you will see various things. One of the major reasons we can tell one object from another is the shape of a colour difference. Combined with binocular vision and depth perception, the separation of vision into disparate parts is reliant on differences of shape and colour shade. Even in black and white, the changing shades of grey or the shapes of the black / white are what allow discernment. The learning curve for discernment takes several years, but there comes a point where it is so automatic that even a new object, room, a new vista or city has the familiar aspect of being comprehensible. Photographs of the Mars desert likewise share this. Continue reading “Paintings by K”


2016-08-22 18.10.18.jpgEmotions I have. They seem to be like strong currents in a three dimensional scape, as graspable as wind, pulling hither, yon, sometimes convulsing into hurricanes of lethal gale perfectly capable of tearing, ripping. A heat from the south, or a sinewy sharp gust from above. Like a smart sailor there are times when I can deploy sheets to the wind and go far; but there are times when those sheets of self come twist and knot, or, to change metaphors, self becomes a fire either snuffed or powered by these air streams. Therefore certain siroccos can be accounted for and used or avoided by the study of the coming clouds. While a bit of predictive metrology is possible, emotions are invisible like wind and so never truly graspable. Emotions are to be felt, withstood. I can, I do, use them to steer and fuel my fire, to billow sails. Continue reading

2016-07-23 18.22.50.jpg

a) Lights flash and colours change.

b) The above occurs.

c) If I noticed it, it occurred. If I didn’t notice it, it still could have occurred.

d) If anybody noticed it, it certainly occurred.

e) If no one noticed it, it could have occurred.

f) If everyone noticed it, it definitely occurred.

f.2) If one person did not notice it, could the occurrence be in doubt?

g) Then what occurs that absolutely everyone notices?

Ocean blue, wide, sparkling, shining deep, fishy
wind, cool, salty, infinite invisible gently or forceful
birds such awkward shapes and such grace, “like dancers”
sky deep, shaded all blues and whites, stars come out
smell of life, life cycle, salt sweet, soil,
all reminds me
how much I love you.

one seed


“Feeding two birds with one seed” is a much more nicer image than “killing two birds with one stone”. It is more impossible to feed two birds with one seed, and so the image has a stronger generative power and greatness, not to mention the nutritive aspects.